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What we need from you for your website content. You can have up to 12 pages.

Please feel free to rebel your pages as you wish . i.e About/Introduction, Rates/Donation ect

Please copy and paste all your lablled pages text here. or you can email that to us directly i.e.


Home Page, About Page, ect.

Please zip all you photos and upload it here or email your photos here.

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Please copy and paste the 10 relevant directories links you wish to be linked to here.i.e.





Please keep it short and sweet.

i.e Alice Gold or William York

Example if you wish to use www.mywebsite.com but it may be already taken,

you can try www.myweb-site.com

You can have a contact / booking form with a drop down menu for clients to select the type of contact there are making.

Please add any other relevant information you want to add to your site here.

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