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Fab Temps

Individual & Unique Web Design Services Here PORTFOLIO


1. Please browse through the Fabulous Template gallery and choose your preference , We do have a selection of both male and female oriented website templates for you to browse, select and buy.



2.Select your Fabulous Template.


3.Pay for your selected fabtemps.



4.Tell us how you want your selected template to look....


(i)Do you want it to look exactly the same as on our site?


(ii)Do you want to change, fonts or add  a bit of your personality to your new site?


5.Now your site will be created just as you want it and you will be updated so you can see the final creation of your site before it goes live.


6.The final payment has to be made and then your website goes live.


7. Your website can now be listed on Pleasure Massage Directory after it goes live.


8. We also link you to other 10 adult directories of your chose. As our services is international, we would like you to tell us which directories you would like to be linked to.


There are international directories like pleasuremassagedirectory, hotmaleescortguide, Punterlink, Eros and other directories which could be relevant only to your location, such as city or country based directory. i.e if you are in Ireland, you may want a local directory such as irishbeatyescort. Just send us the links of the 10 directories and we will link you. You will then have to contact each directory and register with them or fill in the forms of these directores in order to get your FREE advert live on the directory.


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