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Photo Editing


We can do a basic photo editing for you such as colour contrast adjustment for the photos you want to use for your website. If you don’t yet have professional photos, for best result of your website, it will be great if you can ask a friend to take your photos, using day light with any quality digital camera, and email us the photos and we will edit them for you so your website will get the best result. Please remember, your photo is what will attract your potential client to your profile.


Tip: Always try to have more than 2 colours of outfit changes and if possible, 3 colours will be are great.

Tip: Please avoid using phone photos as it will be pixelated and it will not make your website look the as best as It should.

Tip: If you wish to add your selfies, on your website, please do make that separate and tag them i.e “my holiday selfie”.


Water Marking


You can have your work name or your website domain as your water mark, but do bear in mind some directories may not accept full domain water marking as they feel it’s advertising “the” website if you are not a paid member of that site.


Tip: You can have your domain name without the www&.com, so your watermark can be like “hotmaleescortguide” instead of “www.hotmaleescortguide.com “


Photo Blurring


We can blur your photos as you wish. Some blurring can be quite light and some are very heavy, so let us know how you want it will be done for you. You can have your whole face blurred or only your eyes blurred.









Website Updates


We will do all your updates for you at many times as you like. This is purely because over and over again, we get escorts asking us to do update their costumed website for them although they have full access to their websites, they soon find out it easy and faster for us to get it done for them rather than they struggling to figure it out.

Tip: The page you want to update i.e About or Tour Page

Tip: If it a text please copy and paste here

Tip: Please copy the link of the website you want to exchange banners with and paste it here. Please add the http


You can exchange banners with independent, agencies, directories and other adult websites.


i.e http://www.blackebonyescorts.com/links-exchange/4588765064

Tip: If your update is photos please zip and upload it here or you can email your photos to us directly.

To submit any updates for your website please use the update forms below

Tip: Please do let us know if you want the update to be done with 48 hours or at a certain date.

Please see some of our edited photography work here

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