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1. Q. Will my website look exactly the same as the one I have selected?


A. It will depend if you want it to look exactly the same as your chosen template or if you want some tweaking done to it, to personalise it as you see fit, such as backgrounds, colours and font.


2. Q. What is the initial fee?


A. A setup fee of 50% of the payment is to be made and the balance will have to be made before your site is goes live.


3. Q. How do I make my payment?


There are 2 options for making payments.


Option 1.  

Online payment where you can make your payment from anywhere in the world.

To pay or buy online please click here.


Option 2

We are UK based and if you are in the UK and wish to make a direct bank payment, please let us know and we will send you payment details if that makes things easy for you. You can email us here.


4 .Q . How long do I have to wait to get my site ready?


A. Your site will be ready for use in 3 days, once all transactions are made and also when all texts are supplied for design to begin.


5. Q. How do I apply or buy a template?


A. To apply or buy your template you must first make your payment for the site here, then go to the "website-details page" here to confirm your design and also to submit the details needed to create your website for you.


6. Q. Can escort agency apply for a template?


A. We recommend you get a costumed escort agency website from our costume websign design site as we currently don’t have escort agency templates. Please see fabwebsitedesigns.com  here.


7. Q. How do I manage my website content and ect or do I need to take a course for this?

A. No. You don’t need to worry about this. In most cases escorts and adult workers seem to want to handle this but the simple fact is, over and over again, end up asking webmasters to do most updates for them, so for this reason, we have added this as part of the package so you don’t have to worry about this. Just email and tell us what you want to update and it will be done for normally in 24 hours if not less.  This will also unsure that, your website will look as it should.


8 Q. Do we need to meet to get my website done?

A.No. We never have to meet in person. All communication are done through emails as most business do. and also as our services are provided internationally, all communications are made by emails, so we can keep track of everything need of our clients.


9. Q.Can I change my template design any time?

A. Yes this can be done for a fee of £75. The money you pay is for the time the webmaster spends to design your new website.


Q. 10. What do i have to pay after the year is over?

A. If you wish to keep the same website, all you pay is £55 for domain and hosting.


11. How do I go about getting directory free listing in my location?

This can be a very tricky so we do this for you, for free. All you need to do is send us the links of the directories you want to list with, and we do the job for you. Then you have to contact each directory to get your listing done manually in full with your own email address. We will collect the banners and the HTML codes for you once you let us know the website link.


12. QWhat if I want to exchange link or banner with independent adult entertainers?

A. You can do that by using the updates form here.


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